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The most expencive thing that can happen to a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) is that it could break and have to be replaced--especially if the PCB is old. Instead of having to redesign and reassemble newer components, which will take lots of time and money, parts on a PCB can be replaced or even repaired. In fact, entire PCBs can be repaired which can help keep down costs significantly.

We are repairing a wide range of PCB's such as;

  1. PCB for chiller units
  2. PCB for air conditioners
  3. PCB for ovens
  4. PCB for welding machines
  5. PCB for washing machines

Do you want to repair your air condition?

SAHARA is a Licensed Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Company based in Dubai and is engaged in a wide range of sales & services in HEATING-VENTILATION-AIR-CONDITIONING & REFRIGERATION field.